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第一卷 聽力部分
Part A    Short Conversations
In Part A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers.    At the end of each conversation, a third voice will ask a question about it, read the four possible answers in    your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the    question you have heard.
1.A. Three.
 B. Thirteen.
 C. Twenty-seven.
 D. Thirty-three.
2.A. He already knows what Bob will say.
 B. He doesn't have time to look at the gift.
 C. He can't imagine what Bob's got for him.
 D. He is anxious to see Bob's reaction to the gift.
3.A. She's busy now.
 B. The operator did the same thing to her.
 C. If the operator is busy, he should dial later.
 D. She can't reach the operator either.
4.A. The same team always wins.
 B. The game began some time ago.
 C. They had better see who is winning.
 D. Now it is a good time to start playing.
5.A. The woman doesn't walk fast enough.
 B. The woman is a fast walker.
 C. The woman can't walk any farther.
 D. The woman walks too fast.
6.A. In a professor's office.
 B. In a lawyer's office.
 C. In a doctor's office.
 D. In a businessman's office.
7.A. Because she is reporting on the school work.
 B. Because she has been working long hours.
 C. Because she exercises too much.
 D. Because she has spent a month on the school journal.
8.A. One hour.
 B. Fifteen minutes.
 C. Fifty minutes.
 D . More than one hour.

9.A. She is easy-going.
 B. She is unfriendly to her students.
 C. She is a cold person.
 D. She is very strict with her students.
10.A. No one has a friend like Frank.
  B. The man feels lucky to have Frank as a friend.
  C. Everyone is Frank's good friend.
  D. The woman doesn't like any of the man's friends.

Part B Longer Conversations

In Part B, you will hear two longer conversations.    After each conversation, you will be asked two questions.    The    conversations will be read twice, but the questions will only    be spoken once.    When you hear a question, read the four    possible answers in your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.

Questions 11 and 12 are based on the following conversation.

11.A. The man's new job.
  B. The employees' problem.
  C. The boss's character.
  D. The man's friends.

12.A. The woman is not satisfied with her new job.
   B. The woman is satisfied with her new job.
   C. The man is not satisfied with his new job.
   D. The man is satisfied with his new job.

Questions 13 and 14 are based on the following conversation.

13.A. The man likes to stand in the cold wind.
   B. The bus service here is not so good.
   C. The man has the habit of taking a walk late in the afternoon.
   D. The man likes to walk to the park.

14.A. Because riding is more comfortable than walking.
   B. Because he thinks walking through the street is very boring.
   C. Because he can save some time by taking a bus.
   D. Because he must arrive home before supper.

Part C Passages

In Part C, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three questions on each of the passages.    The passages will be read twice but the questions will only be spoken once.    When you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.

Questions 15 through 17 are based on the following passage.

15.A. Everybody.
  B. Some of his patient.
  C. Me.
  D. My uncle.
16.A. I felt less confident.
  B. I felt less worried.
  C. I felt much more pleased.
  D. I felt more annoyed.
17.A. My uncle has had a heart attack, but not very serious.
   B. He needs more food but less sleep.
   C. He is quite old, but old enough to die.
   D. The doctor advises my uncle not to smoke or drink wine.
Questions 18 through 20 are based on the following passage.
18.A. The ice.
  B. The winds.
  C. The fog.
  D. The low temperatures.
19.A. Fine.
B. Rainy.
C. Windy.
D. Foggy.

20.A. Anywhere in the south-east.
  B. Only in England.
  C. Anywhere in the north and west.
  D. Only in Wales.

第二卷        筆試部分
II. Grammar
     Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.        Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.
21.-- It's out of _____ question to finish the work on my own. May I ask for your help?
     -- OK. It's out of _____ question.
A. /...the
B. the.../
C. the...the
D. /.../
22.-- Are there any books on the top of the shelf?
     -- _____.
A. No
B. Nothing
C. None
D. Neither
23.Her handwriting is much better than _____.
A. anyone
B. anyone's
C. anyone else
D. anyone else's
24.In order not to be noticed by anyone, the student entered the hall _____ and then _____ at the back row.
A. on tiptoe...seated himself
B. on his tiptoe...seated himself
C. on tiptoe...seated
D. on the tiptoe...seating himself
25.To our surprise, the stranger came to our party without _____.
A. invited
B. inviting
C. being invited
D. to be invited
26.Their new teacher has arrived. But they _____ that he _____ until this morning.
A. didn't know...was coming
B. don't know...would come
C. didn't know...had come
D. don't know ...will come
27.Tom's parents wouldn't agree to buy him the same computer _____ his classmate had, _____ made him very sad.
A. which...as
B. as...that
C. as...which
D. that...that
28._____ as those _____? They are computer engineers.
A. What...German
B. What...Germans
C. Who...German
D. Who...Germans
29.It was not until the World War II _____ the small country gained its independence _____ Japanese.
A. when...of
B. at which...on
C. that...of
D. that...from

30.The teacher ordered that the students _____ all the exercises. But the expressions on their faces suggested that they _____ not willing to do so.
A. finish...should be
B. should finish...be
C. finish...were
D. finished...were
31.All of us were so excited at the news _____ we'll go abroad for holidays _____ we jumped with joy.
A. that...that
B. what...and then
C. what...that
D. which...so
32.Little _____ that the preparation _____ so long.
A. did they suspect...lasted
B. did they suspect...was lasted
C. they suspected...lasted
D. they suspected...was lasted
33.I don't think that the meeting has been put off, _____?
A. do I
B. does it
C. hasn't it
D. has it
34.I'd rather you _____ him that day.
A. didn't help
B. hadn't helped
C. not to have helped
D. not helping
35.Alice got up late that morning, as she _____ to work that day.
A. needn't have gone
B. mustn't go
C. wasn't necessary to go
D. didn't have to go
36.Mr. Robinson pretended _____ very hard when his boss came.
A. to work
B. to be working
C. being worked
D. to have worked
37.If you do not go t Jack's party, _____.
A. neither do I
B. nor did I
C. nor shall I
D. neither can I
38.They decided to send the wallet to the _____ Office.
A. Losing and Finding
B. Loss and Found
C. Lost and Found
D. Lost and Find
39._____ that even people in the next house could hear him.
A. So loudly he spoke
B. So loudly did he speak
C. So loudly he speaks
D. So loudly he speak
40.-- Is that the reason _____ he gave for his absence?
     -- Which of the following is wrong?
A. that
B. why
C. which
D. /
III. Vocabulary
    Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.        Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.
41.How _____ of him to send us the blanket.
A. considerable
B. considerate
C. considering
D. concerned
42.Read the _____ on the bottle carefully, and you'll understand how to take the medicine.
A. direction
B. information
C. instructions
D. articles
43.The people to the exhibition _____ from workers and peasants to young students. They were eager to learn about the development of the city.
A. consist
B. include
C. compose
D. range
44.If you want to get the diploma by the end of this year, you have to _____ but to pass all the examinations required.
A. alternative
B. selection
C. election
D. choose
45._____ for the post of sales manager needs to have at least two years' experience of management.
A. Appliance
B. Application
C. Applicants
D. Applying

46.I can assure you that he stepped on your foot _____ in order to talk with you.
A. in case
B. on purpose
C. by chance
D. in mind
47.Don't _____ while the professor is giving us the talk.
A. whisper
B. speak
C. chat
D. say
48.The government _____ the citizen to learn English 100 for coming of APEC.
A. called of
B. called out
C. called on
D. called at
49.-- His success _____ his love for his career and long period of hard work.
     -- Which of the following is NOT proper?
A. comes from
B. thanks to
C. lies in
D. depends on
50.It was under _____ that the enemy officer agreed to give in.
A. influence
B. pressure
C. control
D. guidance
IV. Cloze
    For each blank in the following passages there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D.        Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.


The most important diamonds are _____ we never see -- the diamonds used in industry. Their value lies in their hardness, not their beauty, and in the thousands of _____ they do.

Industrial diamonds make the needles for hi-fi phonographs. Diamonds cut _____ solid rock in search of oil. Dentists use diamonds too often _____ a powder glued to paper or a wheel. Other diamonds cut and _____ stones and cut metal parts for all kinds of engines. They are _____ used to make wheels for grinding and polishing metals.

Most marvelous of all _____ the diamond dies. These are flat diamonds through which small _____ have been drilled. When metal is _____ through the hole in the diamond, it comes out as thin write.

Cars, airplanes, rails, tin cars, radios, refrigerators, and most electrical _____ could not be made without using industrial diamonds.

A. which
B. that
C. those
D. what
A. jobs
B. works
C. duties
D. functions
A. split
B. apart
C. break
D. through
A. with
B. polish
C. as
D. like
A. polish
B. break
C. sharpen
D. flatten
A. yet
B. still
C. too
D. also
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
A. eyes
B. gaps
C. slits
D. holes
A. tugged
B. towed
C. pulled
D. hauled
A. equipment
B. device
C. apparatus
D. instrument

This hotel is _____ in the main shopping street of North Chester, there hundred yards from the Cathedral.

The original building was _____ in 1710, but his structure has been largely transformed and extended, the present hotel having been completed n 1910. It is four storeys _____ with a lift serving all floor. The public rooms comprise a dining-room bedrooms, three of the latter having private bathrooms. _____ floor has one bathroom and two separate WCs. All bedrooms are _____with washbasins with hot and cold _____, and a slot-matter controlled radio and gas fire. The courtyard around which the hotel is built provides _____ space for ten cars and there is _____ for twenty more off a side street two hundred yards away. This is quite inadequate.

A. placed
B. put
C. situated
D. lain
A. put up
B. done
C. set
D. make
A. deep
B. high
C. wide
D. height
A. seats
B. men
C. people
D. women
A. single
B. tone
C. solo
D. one
A. Either
B. Each
C. None
D. Neither
A. fixed
B. built
C. fitted
D. put
A. gas
B. water
C. fuel
D. steam

A. placing
B. standing
C. sitting
D. parking

A. space
B. spacious
C. rooms
D. parks
V. Reading Comprehension
        Read the following passages.         Each passage is followed by five questions or unfinished statements.        For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.        Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.


For nearly a century before there was such a thing as a space program, a view of space was possible. People could see detailed views of the Moon, explore Mars, and study the beauty of Saturn's rings. All of this was made possible by a small group of artist-astronomers (one who studies the science of the sun, the moon and the planets) who made a career of illustrating how other worlds in space might look.

Lucien Rudaux, a French artist, was the first to combine his artistic talents with his knowledge of astronomy. His paintings show a mixture of skilled observations, intelligent imagination, and careful attention to detail. As a result, many of this works have come surprisingly close to actual condition on distant planets. His painting of Mars included moonlike craters that were first photographed by the Mariner 4 Probe in 1965. His 1930 painting of a dust storm looks remarkably like a photograph of a storm taken by Orbiter 2 in 1976.

71.The main idea of the passage is _____.
A. the amazing accuracy of space artists
B. the imaginations of great artists
C. the researches of early astronomers
D. the early achievements in astronomy
72.According to the passage, _____.
A. people have been able to see paintings showing the appearance of other planets for over 100 years
B. artist-astronomers spent their lives creating images of space
C. mars was found to be similar to the Moon in many aspects
D. almost a century ago, astronomers were able to express their views on outer space
73.The paintings of the planets _____.
A. are the good examples of art students
B. make it possible to start space programme
C. are sometimes better than the actual photos
D. make people more interested in outer space

"He is a fool who can not be angry, but he is really a wise man who will not." The habit of keeping pleasant is indeed better than an income of a thousand dollars a year. The life without cheerfulness is like the very cold winter without sunlight.

We find it very difficult to be cheerful when we are in trouble. It requires great courage. We should never forget that to be cheerful when we are in trouble. It requires great courage. We should never forget that to be cheerful show greatness. Difficulties may be in our way, but how happy is the conqueror's song!

The perfection of cheerfulness is in the happy frame of mind. It is displayed in good temper and kind behavior. It rises partly from personal goodness and partly from belief in the goodness of others. It sees the glory in the grass and the sunshine on the flower. It encourages happy thoughts, and lives in an atmosphere of peace. It cost nothing, and yet it is invaluable. It blesses its possessors, and bring a large measure of enjoyment to others.

74.Who will not be angry according to the common saying?
A. A fool.
B. A gentleman.
C. An old man.
D. A wise person.
75.Which statement is not true?
A. It is the human nature to be cheerful.
B. The life filled with cheerfulness is never like the cold winter without the sunlight.
C. To be cheerful at any time, especially in times of difficulty, shows a person's great quality.
D. To posses wealth is not always a sign of happiness.
76.What do you think of cheerfulness after reading the last paragraph?
A. Cheerfulness benefits everybody except its possessor.
B. Cheerfulness is of great value indeed.
C. Cheerfulness is unnecessary.
D. Cheerfulness looks like the glory in the grass and the sunshine on the flower.
77.Which is the best title for the passage?
A. Anybody Loves Cheerful Persons.
B. Don't Be Angry.
C. Keeping Pleasant.
D. The Best Habit.

The Internet dates back to 1969, when the U.S. Department of Defense decided to build an experimental network to make sure computer-based command in the event of a nuclear attack. As the time went by, public and commercial networks in North America and Europe jointed the system, and the expanding giant born.

Until ten years ago, the internet was actually the private fields of scientists and university students. During recent years, curious private citizens and businesses are crowding onto the internet at a speed that is doubling its size every year.

Now computer networks have spread to form a giant global web. Some 100 million people from over 140 countries around the world have logged on to the internet, a system linking tens of thousands of networks filled with information, discussion and entertainment. Millions of web pages contained in a great number of sites are commonly used to exhibit a mixture of text, graphics, sounds and video clips, as well as links to other web pages.

On a typical day, data, as much as several million 250-page books, will pour through the internet. Stored in the system are huge amounts of scholarly and scientific data, government documents and public records, airline timetables, weather reports, the full text of the Bible, and thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world.

The internet user can reach about 14,000 discussion forums (known as news groups) covering everything from medicine to sports, Chinese culture of French wines. By creating communities of people sharing common internets, computer networks are making their influence felt in schools, in the business world, in politics and government.

What's ahead? More convenience. In the next century, many commercial activities that require you to queue up in front of service counters, like paying bills or shopping, will be completed electronically through the information superhighway. You can do it at home and a any time. In the meantime, the rapid developing computer networks, by helping millions if users to work, learn and have fun online, are providing preview of the electronic future.

78.Who first created the networks that later developed into the internet?
A. Some scientists and university students.
B. Big commercial businesses.
C. The U.S. Department of Defense.
D. U.S. government together with several European government.
79.When did the internet become popular with the ordinary people?
A. In 1960s.
B. In 1970s.
C. In 1980s.
D. In 1990s.
80.If there were 100 million people logging on to the internet in 1997, how many people were on the internet in 1995?
A. 10 million.
B. 25 million.
C. 50 million.
D. 75 million.
81.All kinds of information might be stored in the internet. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?
A. Weather reports.
B. Public records.
C. Newspapers.
D. On-line stock listings.

Increasingly, over the past ten years, people-especially young people-have become aware of the need to change their eating habits, because much of the food they eat, particularly processed food, is not good for the health. Consequently, there has been a growing interest in natural foods: foods which do not contain chemical additives and which have not been affected by chemical fertilizers widely used in farming today.

Natural foods, for example, are vegetables, fruit and grain which have been grown in soil that is rich in organic matter. In simple terms, this means that the soil has been nourished by unused vegetable matter, which provides it with essential vitamins and minerals. This in itself is a natural process compared with the use of chemicals and fertilizers, the main purpose of which is to increase the amount-but not the quality-of foods frown in commercial farming areas.

Natural foods also include animals which have been allowed to feed and move freely in healthy pastures. Compare this with what happens in the mass production of poultry: there are battery farms, for example, where thousands of chickens live crowded together in on building and are fed on food which is little than rubbish. Chickens kept in this way are not only tasteless as food; they also produce eggs which lack important vitamins.

There are other aspects of healthy eating which are now receiving increasing attention from experts in diet. Take, for example, the question of sugar. This is actually a nonessential food! Although a natural alternative, such as honey, can be used to sweeten food if this is necessary, we can in fact do without it. It is not that sugar is harmful in itself. But it does seem to be additive: the quantity we use has grown steadily over the last two centuries and in Britain today each person consumes an average of 200 pounds a year! Yet all it does is provide us with energy, in the form of calories. There are no vitamins in it, no minerals-and no fibre.

It is significant that nowadays fibre is considered to be an important part of a healthy diet. In white bread, for example, the fibre has been removed. But it is present in unrefined flour and of course in vegetables. It is interesting to note that in countries where the national diet contains large quantities of unrefined flour and vegetables, certain diseases are comparatively rare. Hence the emphasis placed on the eating of wholemeal and more vegetables by modern experts on "healthy eating".

82.People have become more interested in natural foods because _____.
A. they want a change of diet
B. they want to eat food that is more tasty
C. they no longer like processed foods
D. they want to be fashionable
83.Soil that is rich in organic matter_____.
A. has had nothing added to it
B. already contains vitamins and minerals
C. contains unused vegetable matter
D. has had chemicals and fertilizers added to it.
84.Battery chickens cannot be called "natural food" because _____.
A. they all live together
B. they are tasteless
C. their eggs have no vitamins
D. they are not allowed to move about and eat freely
85.Which of the following is considered good for health eating?
A. Unrefined flour and vegetables.
B. White bread and honey.
C. Canned beans and fruits.
D. Mass-produced chickens and eggs.

VI. Translation
Translate the following sentences into English, using the words or phrases given in the brackets.
我父親的廚藝是我們全家最棒的。(second of)

APEC期間,他們燃放了許多煙花來表示對其他國家和地區的領導人的敬意。(in honour of)

在教練和朋友們的鼓勵下,他決定開始職業運動員的生涯。(follow a career)

如果人類過多地干擾最然界的生態平衡,那將使地球不是和人類居住。(interfere with)



VII. Guided Writing
Write an English composition in about 100 to 120 words, according to the points given in Chinese.

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